Supply and Construct Limestone Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls are made from limestone blocks or reconstituted blocks to retain earth. Reconstituted limestone is common option as it is a man-made product using crushed limestone and a cement mix which results in a block that is denser than natural limestone. You can choose a straight edge finish or a beveled edge finish.

Purcell’s Earthmoving can build a wall for any size block. Additional options you may require:

Cuts/holes – Holes can be core drilled to allow for drainage, pipes, letterbox and other purposes.
Steps – include steps and special designs
Water features – water proofing or sealing is required
Fencing – supply and install any type of fencing on top of your wall such as pool fencing, colour bond or brushwood.

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A Limestone retaining wall on a split-level block.

Once the wall is dry we are also able to back-fill (usually allow 3-5 days) up to the edge of the wall for paving, pool, house and the like.

Hassle free for you – we handle Shire approval and engineering certificate.

Each Shire’s requirements vary slightly but in general, any retaining wall higher than 500mm requires shire approval and an engineer’s certificate.

Purcell’s Earthmoving contractors provide earthmoving services in Rockingham and Kwinana areas are highly experienced at your limestone walls prep and building requirements.

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